John Inserra has been an illustrator, photographer, product designer and graphic artist since 1989. His artwork has appeared in numerous magazines (most notably Vanity Fair) and books. His pop-art and nature-based designs have been produced on everything from lamps and tableware to cards, posters and textiles. In recent years, he has split his time between New Mexico and the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and has now made Hawaii his home year round .

“Both the Southwest and the Islands’ powerful landscapes provide inspiration. I spent a lot of time in the mountains in New Mexico skiing in the winter and painting in other seasons. There are similarities in the vastly different landscapes. The volcanic peaks remind me of a sky island system rising from the desert instead of an ocean. I love the small farms, wilderness and slower pace that are part of what make both places so special--that and the multitude of rainbows!”

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Meg Davenport, Artist (Design and implementation)
Voxlox, Music and DVDs (Design and implementation)
Studio X, (Design only on the following sites)
Primrose Hill
Lotus Home Management
Jaenet Guggenheim


All Things Have A Voice, Pamela Adger
(Design, Photography and production)
Letters From Alfonso, Earl Kessler
(Design and production)


Friends of Sunset Beach
Loopless Sound
Lotus Home Management

Ohana Fightwear
Liz Fletcher
Second to None Wireless
Northern Night Lights
DWT Industries
Waimea Ventures
Roberta Lee
Idea Labs
Big Bad John's BBQ Spice Rub
Curry Talk
LifePath Profiles
White Tailed Ptarmigan
Nomad Transportation


Elven Velvet
DWT Industries


Netman (Flash)
A Little Spring Fling (Flash)
Sunflower Slumber (Flash)
An Animated Drawing (Flash)




New Mexico Magazine, (Feature and Spot Illustration, Maps )
Vanity Fair, (Spot Illustration)
Farrar,Strauss and Giroux, (The Sly Company of People Who Care, Cover Illustration)
Paulist Press, ( A Time for Leaving, Book Illustrations)
GIA Publishing, (Move It 2, Theatrical set design and illustration for Dance DVD)


Hallmark Cards, (Pop Up Greeting Cards)
Design, Design, (Christmas Paper Tableware, votives and Greeting Card)
Revenge Is, (Tee Shirt Designs)
Best Medical Wear, LTD, (Textile pattern design for Medical Scrubs)
DWT Industries and Northern NIght Lights, (Design and manufacture of Night Lights)
Pattern Catalog
Self Promotional


An Absurd African Animal Alphabet
Bird Brain Books
Pretty Princess, The World’s Cutest Corgi
Ski Bum Zen
North Shore Heaven
Playtime Publications - Summer Dreams
Story Drawings
Black and White Still Lifes
An Animated Drawing
Postage Stamps
New Yorker Magazine Wannabe
Peace Posters


Abstract : Animated Drawing : Autumn Pools : Bug Buddies : Black and White Still lifes :
: Experiments : Farms : Figures : Landscapes : Line and Brush : Miniature :
Mixed Media : Patterns: Photos : Sketches : Spring Bunnies : Still Lifes : Stuff : Summer Chill 04 :
Summer Chill 05
: Summer Dreams : Surf : Watercolor and Ink : Yoga



Gallery Artist of the Week - Sktchy blog
Hawaii 2014 Portraits
Recent Drawings and Paintings
Pet Portraits
Iphone Drawings
Celebrity Portraits


Art Play, 2012
Watercolors, 2011
Hawaii Watercolors, 2010
Canvas, 2011
Abstract Still Lifes, 2011
Weekend Art, 2012
Still Lifes Color


Small green book, pen, ink and watercolors
Small blue book, watercolor paper, watercolors
Medium Green book, mixed media, 5 x 8" 2013
Green spiral book, words and pictures journal


Blackbird Sculptures